BA in Administration Management

The objective of the specialization is to train administration managers who have knowledge of methodology, aims and practical techniques in public administration. The students will learn the foundations of law and lawmaking, the methodology of jurisdiction, the basics of the operation of legal institutions and their economy. They will also get to know the basics of social studies related to administration management and public administration management, enabling them to handle administrative tasks, prepare public administration proposals and implement decisions, and to organize the operation of governmental and other public administration offices. Furthermore, they will obtain enough theoretical knowledge to continue their studies in an MA programme. 

After obtaining the bachelor’s degree the administration managers are able to carry out:

- public service and human resources mangement duties

- economic and financial tasks of publicly financed institutions

- supervising, checking and policing duties of public administration

- administrative tasks in EU institutions.


The programme is available in full-time and part-time forms. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, students can earn a further degree in the Public Administration Master’s course.

All students with bachelor’s degrees can go on with their studies in legal courses. In that case – after a successful admission process – their previous studies can be taken into account where they overlap with the curriculum of the subjects prescribed in law studies. This makes it possible for students to lighten their load and shorten their law studies.