BA in Public Employment and Social Insurance Administration

The objective of the training, which started in 2006, is to train professionals who are able to carry out tasks related to employment relations and social insurance and who have the legal and professional knowledge to handle employment relations and participate in the arrangement of social insurance issues. They also have the necessary theoretical knowledge to continue their studies in a master’s programme. Graduates will be able to prepare the process of collective bargaining, identify employment conflicts and arguments, choose and apply the necessary mediation methods, and get to know the process and institutions of reconciliation of interests. They will be able to create conciliation forums for companies and publicly financed institutions, work out the rules of procedures, and organise the activity of interest-representing bodies of employers and of employees. In addition to the part-time programme, we started a full-time programme in September 2009. Graduates of this programme can also continue their studies. They can obtain a master’s degree in Public Administration or in Employment and Social Insurance (in the process of accreditation).