2010-04-29 Elérhetőek az EU Bíróságának sajtóközleményei

Az Európai Unió Bíróságának honlapján elérhetőek a legfrissebb ítéletekről szóló sajótközlemények.

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Izabel (látogató) 2013-08-13 20:20:26

Love your EPOS site and the blog and everything! Wish I had known what a sfeccssuul entrepreneur you were.. I could have been an intern back in the day! The point I'll add to your concept of letting go is that by letting go you actually open yourself up to receive a lot more. Your hands can't hold much when they are gripped, knuckles white, clenched. The practical consequence of being clenched, especially in a creative context, is that there is so much that ends up being missed and client demands can go unfulfilled. The river doesn't stop when we hold on.. it continues to run. Best to thrust our palms into the depths, fingers splayed.

Patricia (látogató) 2013-08-09 13:40:38

I'm a fan of Blu-Ray but in order for it to go mainstream, they rlealy need to get beyond all of these technical glitches, monthly firmware updates, 2-minute player start-up times, player crashes, etc. I can't even justify all of these quirks to my 37-year old wife and would never recommend a Blu Ray player to anyone who wasn't a technofile. "What is 'firmware' and why won't the POTC disk work?!?!" Ugh!

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