Doctoral programme

There has been doctoral training at the Faculty of Law since September 1992, aiming to prepare the students to obtain their PhD academic degrees. The training is carried out in the Deák Ferenc Doctoral School of Law. The length of the programme is three years, both in state-financed and in fee-paying forms. The studies of students are guided by an academically qualified tutor. After obtaining their absolutorium (finishing coursework), passing comprehensive and final exams, presenting their academic research, showing knowledge of two foreign languages, and completing and defending their dissertations in public, students can earn the doctoral (PhD) degree. Students taking part in doctoral programmes either are hired by our university as academic staff or benefit from their knowledge at other universities and research institutions. Those who find jobs after graduation also highly acclaimed.

The outstanding achievements of the Doctoral School were acknowledged by The City of Miskolc with an award in 2010.