Life on campus

University life, student traditions


The famous club of the university – the RockWell Klub – has been around since 1969. The image of the club has changed many times over the years, and its last remodelling took place in 2000. Since then the so-called “Blue Rocky” awaits students who are ready to party. It functions as a pub during the day. Next to it, “Red Rocky” – officially the RockWell Café – is the beloved place of students longing for good conversation, where students can have coffee or a good meal as well. The newest part is the Miller Music Club, which is primarily a place for those who like party music. The “Rockies” provide the main venue for two big festivals a year. Rocktoberfest has been organized every October since 2001 with increasing success, as the variety of the programs and the venues of the festivals expand. MEN (University Days in Miskolc) is a music festival with a longe traditions, which also provides an opportunity to carry on the traditions of Selmec.

The predecessor of the University of Miskolc, the Academy in Selmec, was the cradle of several traditions. Since the Middle Ages each school developed its own colorful traditions, but this complex tradition known as “the traditions of Selmec” is unique in Hungary. This includes the various uniforms for each faculty, which make the students easily recognizable.

A student coming to the university is considered a “pagan” and will only be christened to a “fool” in a ceremony if he or she has successfully passed the exam set at the end of the training of fools. His or her godparents give him or her a “vulgo” and an “alias” name, which he or she bears until the end of his or her life. Second-year students can use only their “vulgo” name, while older students are entitled to use their “alias” name as well. After this, there are different stages. Second-year students are “kohlenbrenners”, and after an examination they become “firma”. They can later reach the stage of “Glorious Firma Gleaming in God’s Light”, and after graduation they become “veterans”.