MA in Law (5-year undivided programme)

The undivided law programme in our Faculty is offered in both full-time and part-time form. The duration of the programme is 10 semesters. There is a standardized curriculum and requirements in both sections.

Our students use the credit system, which enables them to form an individual study system and make individual progress. The recommended (sample) curriculum provides a practical opportunity to show how subjects can be taken to be able to get the degree during the minimal study period prescribed in the qualification requirements.

According to the recommended (sample) curriculum, the students study political and legal history, Roman law, introductory subjects, economics, philosophy and Latin in the first two semesters.

In the next four semesters the education covers civil law, criminal law, legal and political science theory, labour law, administrative law and constitutional law and related fields of law.

The compulsory subjects in the following four semesters are international law, financial law, law of criminal procedure, penitentiary law, commercial law, law of civil procedure, agricultural law, environmental law, European law and other subjects (e.g. criminology, psychology).

In the 10th semester the students write a thesis, and after its defense they take the final examinations.

After the completion of their studies, students become a Doctor of Law, equivalent to a master’s degree. A foreign language exam at intermediate level is required to obtain the degree.