Post-graduate specialist training programmes

There are professional advanced training programmes in our Faculty. These are for post-graduate studies that build upon the higher education degree already obtained. One type is professionally specialised further training for those with law degrees, while the other type is for those who have non-law degrees.

The objective of professional legal further training is to deepen knowledge in a certain field of law and thus aid in further specialisation in the profession (e.g. professional lawyer specialised in foreign trade, corporate law, European law, or economic punitive law).

Those with non-legal degrees can apply for courses in professional legal studies for doctors, engineers, economists or a course for judicial-social counsellors.

Among our training programs there is a newly- offered training for general and judicial mediators. This education provides students with the necessary skills and tools for alternative dispute resolution, avoiding trials. Similar novelties are introduced into our educational programmes as a reaction to society’s needs.