The organizational structure of the Faculty

Faculty Council


The Faculty Council is the body that makes decisions and controls their execution.

Its members have either voting rights or consultation rights.       

The teaching and research staff and public employee members are elected in an assembly of the Faculty staff for a period of one to three years. The student members of the Council (one-third of the members) are elected by the Student Self-Government of the Faculty for a maximum of two years, or until the end of their studies, should that occur earlier.


The Dean


The leader of the Faculty is the dean (currently Prof. Dr. Szabó Miklós), who is elected from among the full-time professors or associate professors, and is appointed by the rector based on application and the opinion of the Council for an allotted time (currently 4 years).

The work of the Dean is supported by the Dean’s Council, the members of which are professors of leading positions and the head of the Dean’s office.

The Dean’s office, which is led by the head of the Dean’s office, acts to carry out the administrative, procurative and organizational tasks of the Faculty.




The dean shares his work with the vice-deans. The vice-deans – through application – are appointed by the rector based on the opinion of the Faculty Council, usually for the same period as the Dean. The division of labour of the vice-deans: 

-          vice-dean of academic affairs, who is dealing with the students’ study affairs and substitutes for the dean when required.  (Current vice-dean: Dr. Torma András, professor)

-          vice-dean of development and economic affairs, who overlooks the finances of the Faculty, prepares the proposals for the structural and infrastructural development and the educational, and academic programs. (Current vice-dean: dr. Pásztorné Dr. Erdős Éva, professor)

-          vice-dean of academic and international affairs organizes the domestic and international academic relations of the Faculty, and oversees the Faculty’s Students’ Research Society and the work of the Faculty library. (Current vice-dean: Csemáné Dr. Váradi Erika, associate professor)


The programmes run by the Faculty are headed by academic staff who are responsible for the given programme, who are currently:

- Law: Dr. Szabó Miklós, dean

- Judicial System Administration: Dr. Farkas Ákos, professor

- Public Administration Management: Dr. Torma András, professor

- MA inPublic Administration: Dr. Torma András, professor:

- Public Employment and Social Insurance Administration: Dr. Bíró György, professor

- Legal Assistant: Dr. Heinerné Dr. Barzó Tímea, associate professor

The academic responsible for the programmes reports regularly to the Faculty Council.


The Dean’s office

Location: Building A/6, ground floor, Rooms 10-22

Contact: Tel: 46/565-170, 46/565-171

Teaching staff can be contacted via the central university line: 46/565-111 Fax: 46/367-933

E-mail: (dean), (head of the office)


Organizational unit of the Faculty for administrative, organizational and study affairs.

Main tasks

Procurative, organizational tasks:

-                     supportin the work of the dean and vice-deans

-                     collecting data concerning the Faculty, providing data for higher forums

-                     organization of the sessions of the Faculty Council and the Dean’s Council

-                     overseeing the financial affairs of the Faculty

-                     managing human resource-related tasks (employment, awards, registration)

-                     contribution to the preparation of the regulations of the Faculty

-                     participation in the preparation of accreditation materials

-                     preparation of Faculty grant applications

-                     organization of events

Tasks concerning academic affairs

-                     tasks concerning admission

-                     administration of the registration of students

-                     operation of the NEPTUN system

-                     handling grade books

-                     preparing timetables

-                     informing students, helping them in academic matters

-                     organization of final exams

-                     preparation of diplomas and certificates

-                     compiling statistics on students and education


Library of the Faculty

The Faculty library is under the supervision of the Dean’s office. Librarian: Kalmárné Erdődi Judit


Faculty committees

The committees deal with the regular and ad hoc tasks concerning the operation of the Faculty, forming opinions and proposals in their assigned areas.

The following committees are active in the Faculty of Law

-                     Academic Committee

-                     Council of the Doctoral School of the Faculty

-                     Habilitation Council of the Faculty

-                     Academic Medallion Proposal Committee

-                     Students’ Research Society of the Faculty

-                     Committee of the History of the Faculty

-                     Library Committee

-                     Editorial Committee of Faculty Publications

-                     Discipline Committee of the Faculty

-                     Credit Transfer Committee (separate for each programme)

-                     Student Advisory Board (separate for each programme)


Educational organization units

There are five institutions in the Faculty, each of which carries out administrative and financial tasks; within the institutions it is the task of the departments to direct and to harmonize educational and research activities.

The institutions and the departments can be reached from the homepage of the website:

            Institute of Political Sciences

                        Director of the institute: Dr. Torma András, professor

                        Department of Constitutional Law

                        Department of Administrative Law

                        Department of Financial Law


            Institute of Criminal Sciences

                        Director of the institute: Dr. Farkas Ákos, professor

                        Department of Criminal Law and Criminology

                        Department of Criminal Procedure Law and Penitentiary Law


            Institute of Civilian Sciences

                        Director of the institute: Dr. Bíró György, professor

                        Department of Agricultural and Labour Law

                        Department of Commercial Law

            Department of Civil Law


            Institute of European and International Law

                        Director of institute: Dr. Wopera Zsuzsa, associate professor

                        Department of European Law and International Private Law

                        Department of International Law

                        Department of Law of Civil Procedure


            Institute of Legal History and Legal Theory

                        Director of institute: Dr. Stipta István, professor

                        Department of Legal Theory and Legal Sociology

                        Department of Legal History

                        Department of Roman Law

                        Department of Information and Media Law