Annak érdekében, hogy Önnek a legjobb élményt nyújtsuk "sütiket" használunk honlapunkon. Az oldal használatával Ön beleegyezik a "sütik" használatába.

The Dean welcomes the Visitor!

I would like to welcome you at the webpage of the Faculty of Law!
The Faculty of Law was established as the fourth law faculty of the country and started its state and law studies in 1981. Over the decades, it has proven itself to be a high-profile, wide-ranging, wide-ranging training among legal faculties. High-level education is guaranteed by our recognized professors at home and internationally. We are also proud of our students. Our graduates have a high position in the fields of justice, public administration, university education, public and private sectors, both in Hungary and abroad.
However, the traditions of legal education have a much longer history, as the Faculty continued to preserve the traditions and intellectual heritage of the 1667 Eperjes Law Academy, where the nation's excellence was learned (Imre Thököly, Lajos Kossuth, etc.) and professors of national reputation.
In the present age, students can spend their days in a wonderful natural environment, a special university town, where you can find almost every sporting and entertainment opportunity that is further enhanced by the proximity of Miskolctapolca and the Bükk Mountains. Once enrolled in the campus as a student and becoming a member of a community of centuries-old student traditions, he never forgets the Faculty and the University. I also spent the most beautiful years of my youth here and I am proud to be one of the first students to wear the dean's dress.
 I hope to welcome you not only as a reader but soon as a student or guest at the Faculty of Law, where you can personally experience the unique champagne student life. In a changing world, many types of training start or end, but the profession of lawyer as a millennium will continue to be important for all societies.
Prof. Dr.  Csilla Csák,  Dean