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Boost your international academic and scientific career with our widely recognized PhD degree!

The Ferenc Deák Doctoral School of law was established in 2001. 

The PhD programme provides high-level knowledge in theoretical and methodological aspects of scientific research and allows participants to deepen their professional knowledge in different fields legal sciences. During the research and dissertation period, the supervisor guides the PhD candidate in research work and preparing the dissertation. The PhD candidate is expected to demonstrate her or his ability to conduct top level research work and to involve in academic teaching. The PhD thesis shall contain original empirical research.

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Our Stipendium Hungaricum students from September 2020:




Research topic

Jafaar Sakkour

Dr. Varga Zoltán associate professor

Comparative Study of General Finance in Syria and Hungary in terms of Balance Sheet and Tax System

Douaa Zaidan

Dr. Angyal Zoltán associate professor

The direct primary repercussions of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the EU Policies and legal system

Aktham Ra'ed Ahmad Alqattamin

Prof. Dr. Szabó Miklós full professor

East-Central Europe: History, tradititons, economy, successes and failures

Zahra Delshad

Dr. Sántha Ferenc associate professor

Criminal Liability of Corporations and their CEO

Felipe Andres Cristancho Escobar

Dr. Mátyás Imre associate professor

"Breaching” international investment agreements: the case of Colombia. An approach from behavioral economics 

II. year



Research topic

Irem Nur Üstüntay

(international student, SH programme)

Prof. Dr. Szilágyi János Ede

full professor


Similarities and differences in the Hungarian and Turkish water law


(international student, SH programme)

Dr. Erdős Éva

associate professor

State responsibility for Debt Securities Issued by State-Owned Enterprises




Research topic

Zhanna Amanbayeva

(international student, SH programme)

Prof. Dr. Paulovics Anita

full professor

International legal mechanism of ensuring the implementation of the constitutional right to education.

Aida Bektasheva

(international student, SH programme)

Dr. Mátyás Imre

associate professor

Impact of international investment law and arbitration

Raed Jamal Ghanem

(international student, SH programme)

Dr. Edina Vinnai

associate professor

Limitation of the Right to Freedom of Expression










Organizational Structure of the Doctoral School

The Head of the Doctoral School and the Chairman of the Doctoral School's Council

Prof. Dr. Erika Róth, university professor

University of Miskolc, Department of Criminal Procedural and Criminal Enforcement Law

A/6 building. 129.

Vice-Chairman of the Doctoral School's Council  

Dr. habil. Tímea Barzó , associate professor

University of Miskolc, Department of Civil Law

A/6. building 114.


Secretary of the Doctoral School

International students' affairs 

Dr. Bence Udvarhelyi, assistant professor

University of Miskolc, Department of Criminal Law and Criminology

A/6. building 18.

Secretary of the Doctoral School

Hungarian students' affairs 

Dr. Edit Sápi Udvarhelyi, assistant professor

University of Miskolc, Department of Civil Law

A/6. building 18.

Administrator of the Doctoral School


Rita Takács , administrator (Dean's office)

A/6. building 15. 

Council of the Doctoral School

Core Members of the Doctoral School



Most important documents of the Doctoral Training

Entry requirements
Actual research topics can be chosen
Course descriptions
Complex exam
Credit structure
Formal and content requirements of the doctoral dissertation
Doctoral regulation
Doctoral degree award procedure
Guides for authors to publish in the Journal of the Doctoral School
(Studia Iurisprudentiae Doctorandorum Miskolciensium)
Study plans (reports)
(report shall be submitted in the end of each semesters about research activity)


Application Form for the Complex Exam

Proposal for the courses and examination board members of the complex exam

Request to appoint organisational unit for workshop discussion

Application Form for Workshop Discussion

Summary of the doctoral training (absolutorium)

Appendix 12 (for doctoral degree award procedure)

Appendix 13 (for doctoral degree award procedure)