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CEA Scholarship 

The CEA Internship Programme


The Central European Academy calls for applications for participating
in its Internship Programme


Find out below about the possibilities and details of the long-term part- and full-time internship programme offered by the Central Europen Academy (CEA).


Eligible applicants for the CEA Internship Programme


Students participating in the Central European Comparative Law (CECL) English-language PhD programme at the Ferenc Deák Doctoral School of the University of Miskolc shall also take part in the internship programme of the Central Europen Academy (CEA), starting in September 2024.

The international environment of the CEA grants an outstanding potential for doctoral students who join the internship programme and provides insights into researcher and publication processes throughout various themes of comparative law.

CEA is announcing a part-time and full-time internship programme starting in the fall of 2024. Part-time interns spend fewer hours in the office and are entitled to a lower scholarship. The part-time interns have to have and academic affiliation with a partner university abroad. 

Students of the English-language internship programme gain insights into the activities of professors and researchers of the field of comparative law in Central Europe and support their work through their proactive participation. Interns participate in smaller research activities and get involved in other different activities of the CEA. Within the framework, among other things, the interns can collect literature, contribute to the writing of research reports, write and publish scientific articles, etc. The knowledge acquired during the internship programme will greatly contribute to the candidate’s research and professional progress, and the ability competencies acquired during the PhD programme.

Besides, students have a great opportunity to actively organise and attend international conferences and other scientific events organised by the CEA.

The CEA also provides language learning programmes for students receiving CEA Scholarship and participation in scientific conferences organised by the Academy. These interns also have the opportunity to join foreign programmes, summer schools and further trainings. Hence, the CEA helps PhD students in many ways to publish their scientific results.


The training location for interns: Budapest


Method and deadline for submitting application for the CEA Internship Programme

You can submit your application for the internship programme simultaneously with the PhD programme by sending an English language CV and a two-page cover letter as follows:
(It is recommended to explain in the cover letter why you consider research and professional co-operation in the Central European region important for the countries concerned, and how you could envisage your activities and future career in this field; furthermore how you see your habitual residence in Hungary feasible during the entire duration of the programme (4 years).)


Application deadline: April 2024

Date of the oral interview: June/July 2024

Publication of the list of students admitted: August 2024

Start of doctoral programme and internship: September 2024

Application form for full-time interns can be found here.

Application form for part-time interns can be found here.


Additional information and the email address to submit your internship application

You can ask more information about the CEA Internship Programme at the e-mail address and on the following website: